After undergoing liposuction, incorporating lymphatic massage into your aftercare plan can significantly accelerate your recovery process. At Faja Girl, we've partnered with Nikki Zen Spa, specializing in lymphatic drainage massages, to offer you optimal support and care during your post-operative period.

Importance of Lymphatic Massage After Liposuction:

Lymphatic massage is valuable in transferring fluid by gently pushing it back into the lymphatic arteries, reducing edema, fluid retention, and discomfort. Without lymphatic massage, there's a risk of complications like fibrosis or seroma formation. The gentle manipulation of the lymphatic system aids in preventing these issues, ensuring a smoother recovery.

Working with Qualified Professionals:

It's essential to work with a qualified massage therapist or healthcare provider to determine the most appropriate timing and frequency for lymphatic massage after liposuction. Following specific guidelines provided by your surgeon or healthcare team is crucial to ensure the best outcomes.

Partnering with Nikki Zen Spa:

Our partnership with Nikki Zen Spa, a renowned travel spa founded by a dynamic mom and daughter duo, ensures that you receive expert lymphatic drainage massages tailored to your BBL recovery needs. Together, we're committed to providing you with comprehensive support and care throughout your healing journey.

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Caryn Salomon