In addition to wearing post-operative fajas, incorporating foam and boards into your recovery routine can further enhance your healing process. In this comprehensive guide from Faja Girl, we'll explore the benefits of using foam and boards alongside your compression garments and provide some helpful tips for maximizing their effectiveness.

Additional Compression and Support: Foam and boards from Faja Girl serve as invaluable supplementary compression tools, aiding in reducing swelling and supporting your body during the recovery period. Strategically placing foam inserts or boards underneath your faja provides targeted compression to specific areas, facilitating optimal healing and contouring.

Reduced Fluid Build-Up: One of the primary benefits of incorporating foam and boards from Faja Girl into your recovery regimen is their ability to minimize fluid buildup, a common occurrence after surgery. By applying gentle pressure to the treated areas, foam and boards help encourage the drainage of excess fluid, effectively reducing swelling and discomfort.

Improved Comfort and Mobility: Despite their initial stiffness, foam and boards from Faja Girl can significantly enhance your comfort and mobility during the recovery process. As your body adjusts to the compression, you'll experience increased comfort and ease of movement, allowing for a smoother and more comfortable recovery journey.


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Caryn Salomon