Side Zip Strapless Short



Product Description

  • Reliable Silicone Lining: The bodysuit features silicone lining on the top and thighs, gently adhering to your skin for secure shapewear placement.
  • Roll-Preventing Boning: Top boning prevents rolling down when straps are removed, ensuring continual comfort and control.
  • Butt-Enhancing Fabric: Soft and highly stretchy material in the glute area naturally shapes and flatters your buttocks.
  • Thigh Control Shorts: Prevent thigh chafing and gain extra control for a smoother appearance with the included shorts.
  • Discreet Side Zipper: An invisible side zipper lies flat for easy on/off, maintaining a sleek silhouette.
  • Curves Accentuation: Compression smooths your body, highlighting natural curves in the waist, hips, and glutes.
  • Convenient Bathroom Access: A bottom zipper makes bathroom trips hassle-free.
  • Full Torso Coverage: This seamless bodysuit extends from the bust to cover your entire torso, offering comprehensive support and shaping.